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Learn 1000 words in 6 hours for MBA Entrance Exams

5 21 Reviews

Learn 1000 words in 6 hours for MBA Entrance Exams

  • 6 hours
  • 21 Reviews
  • Students

Course Overview

The English / Verbal section in any competitive test proves to be difficult for most students. Ineffective techniques such as memorizing words, using word-cards, going through high-frequency words etc., do not have any impact on your performance in the test. 

To be able to improve your verbal ability skills, you need understand not just the meaning of a word but also its usage. It is not uncommon to see many students knowing the meaning of a word only to forget its usage later. 

To solve all these problems and to ensure that students have a very strong foundation, we have created 'Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours - for competitive tests'

This video course is built on a story-telling model and has been developed through many hundreds of hours of research. 


- Ability to read & understand English

Learning Outcomes

  • Strong foundation to tackle the verbal section of MBA Entrance Exams

    Advanced techniques to improve your vocabulary

    Connect the meaning of seemingly unrelated words & make intelligent guesses


  • Assured Certification
  • Self-paced learning
  • Unlimited 3-week access

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: 29 mins. 28 secs.
  • Lecture: 1
    Chapter 1
Chapter 2: 22 mins. 41 secs.
  • Lecture: 2
    Chapter 2
Chapter 3: 29 mins. 38 secs.
  • Lecture: 3
    Chapter 3
Chapter 4: 21 mins. 9 secs.
  • Lecture: 4
    Chapter 4
Chapter 5: 28 mins. 56 secs.
  • Lecture: 5
    Chapter 5
Chapter 6: 21 mins. 13 secs.
  • Lecture: 6
    Chapter 6
Chapter 7: 30 mins. 29 secs.
  • Lecture: 7
    Chapter 7
Chapter 8: 25 mins. 25 secs.
  • Lecture: 8
    Chapter 8
Chapter 9: 22 mins. 9 secs.
  • Lecture: 9
    Chapter 9
Chapter 10: 21 mins. 38 secs.
  • Lecture: 10
    Chapter 10
Chapter 11: 33 mins. 8 secs.
  • Lecture: 11
    Chapter 11
Chapter 12: 13 mins. 18 secs.
  • Lecture: 12
    Chapter 12
Chapter 13: 24 mins. 2 secs.
  • Lecture: 13
    Chapter 13
Chapter 14: 30 mins. 7 secs.
  • Lecture: 14
    Chapter 14

Santhosh Karnananda

  • 5000+ Teaching Hours
  • 13+ Years Experience
  • 1,00,000+ students trained

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Item Reviews -

Karthik07 May, 2021


Excellent course!

Mohan 14 May, 2021


I am struggling with the verbal section of CAT in the last two attempts. I am good at quant so that is not a problem. I am happy that I came across this course. This course is so useful. It has completely taken off my fear about the verbal section. I am confident of scoring well in the verbal section this year.

Sangavi06 Jun, 2021


I want to study MBA from top colleges in India. But I am scared of the English section in CAT & XAT. This course teaches so many new words in a short duration. I feel more confident now.

Gayathri10 Jun, 2021


well-designed course. value for money

Tanmoy Sarkar16 Jun, 2021


Happy to go through this course in the middle of my preparation. I want to get into some good MBA college in India. All the entrance tests need us to be good at English. I previously tried memorizing words & other techniques. Those techniques didn't really help in any way. Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours offers so much at such an affordable price. Tq MeraEnglish.com!

Abirami Shankar17 Jun, 2021


I am preparing to write MAT & TANCET. While I am good in the Maths section, the English section is difficult for me. After going thorough this course I understood the meaning and usage of so many difficult words in easy way. This course is must do for all who prepare for entrance exams. Thank you.

Swetha Rajagopal06 Jul, 2021


I am preparing to appear for MBA entrance exams this year. This course has been a wonderful learning experience. I have learnt so much in a such a short duration

Bharath Prasanna09 Jul, 2021


This is the best course I have taken to improve my English. It is power-packed and very impactful. All my CAT friends have started taking this course now

Murali Srinivasan10 Jul, 2021


Got to know about this course from a friends group. What an amazing learning experience. Must do if you are preparing for any entrance exam!

Natarajan Ramamurthy11 Jul, 2021


Solid course. Must do for all CAT & XAT aspirants. Gives you unbelievable leverage! Thanks

Pradeep Kumar12 Jul, 2021


I have attempted CAT 2 times until now and every time I am stuck with the verbal section. This course has been refreshing to say the least. Absolutely power packed 6 hours. I strongly believe I can score better in CAT this year.

Raghav Chandra13 Jul, 2021


This course is simply brilliant! Preparing for my entrance exams got so much easier. I never knew words & vocabulary can be mastered in such a easy way!!

Sangavi14 Jul, 2021


I am preparing for entrance exams for 2 years. This is the best ever course to improve our knowledge of English and vocabulary. I wish someone referred me this course 2 years ago.

Balaji Mohan15 Jul, 2021


I am TANCET aspirant. very useful course for my preparation

Krishnamurthy16 Jul, 2021


Very useful vocab building course. I have tried many methods to improve vocabulary over the past few years. This course is clearly the best way to improve my knowledge of words and memory. Thank you MeraEnglish.com!

Hari Haran17 Jul, 2021


All CAT aspirants should definitely master this course. Going through this course gives you the knowledge gained from reading many books. Everything is explained in such a easy manner.

Jeanette Fernandez18 Jul, 2021


Absolutely wonderful course. This course gives me renewed confidence in my ability to face the verbal section!

Sugandhan24 Jul, 2021


If you are preparing to get into top B-Schools in the country, this course is a must do!

Abirami Siva25 Jul, 2021


This is the best experience I have had with an online course to improve my English. This is a sure-shot way to improve your verbal score! Thank you!!

Gokul Chandran26 Jul, 2021


I am preparing for MAT and few other entrance exams later this year. The English section is my weak point. This course helps me master that.

Prasanna Mohan31 Jul, 2021


Solid course. Great value add in a very short duration!

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