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Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours for Working Professionals

5 21 Reviews

Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours for Working Professionals

  • 6 hours
  • 21 Reviews
  • 2320 Students

Course Overview

Do you want to 

- Sound smarter in meetings?
- Command respect from your peers?
- Write more effectively?
- Present and speak with more conviction?
- Project an image of experience and success? 

Then you need the ‘Learn 1000 words in 6 hours for working professionals’ advantage. 'Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours' uses a unique process specifically designed to help you learn new & intelligent words that will help you portray an image of success. 

This video-course has been built on a storytelling model and has been developed through many hundreds of hours of research. In this course, WE DO NOT TEACH WORDS; WE NARRATE STORIES. 


Ability to read and understand basic English

Learning Outcomes

  • ✔ Learn to speak & write English with confidence
    ✔ Articulate your thoughts clearly 
    ✔ Master the techniques to improve your vocabulary perpetually


  • Assured Certification
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Unlimited 3-week Access

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: 29 mins. 28 seconds
  • Lecture: 1
    Chapter 1
Chapter 2: 22 mins. 41 seconds
  • Lecture: 2
    Chapter 2
Chapter 3: 29 mins. 38 seconds
  • Lecture: 3
    Chapter 3
Chapter 4: 21 mins. 9 seconds
  • Lecture: 4
    Chapter 4
Chapter 5: 28 mins. 56 seconds
  • Lecture: 5
    Chapter 5
Chapter 6: 21 mins. 13 seconds
  • Lecture: 6
    Chapter 6
Chapter 7: 30 mins. 29 seconds
  • Lecture: 7
    Chapter 7
Chapter 8: 25 mins. 25 seconds
  • Lecture: 8
    Chapter 8
Chapter 9: 22 mins. 9 seconds
  • Lecture: 9
    Chapter 9
Chapter 10: 21 mins. 38 seconds
  • Lecture: 10
    Chapter 10
Chapter 11: 33 mins. 8 seconds
  • Lecture: 11
    Chapter 11
Chapter 12: 13 mins. 18 seconds
  • Lecture: 12
    Chapter 12
Chapter 13: 24 mins. 2 seconds
  • Lecture: 13
    Chapter 13
Chapter 14: 30 mins. 7 seconds
  • Lecture: 14
    Chapter 14

Santhosh Karnananda

  • 5000+ Teaching Hours
  • 13+ Years Experience
  • 1,00,000+ students trained

5 out of 5.0
5 Star 100%
4 Star 0%
3 Star 0%
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Item Reviews -

Tanmay Johar14 Jun, 2021


Great course. Much needed for all working professionals. I have slowly started to implement the techniques taught in this course in my work-life and I am starting to see amazing results.

Karthika15 Jun, 2021


Very-well taught. The methods and words taught in this course can be easily used in my work-life. All of us want our communication to be heard. This course has helped me in ensuring that my communication is heard by my colleagues and manager.

Meghana16 Jun, 2021


It is a need of the hour for all of us to keep improving our skills in this competitive world. While I have gone through many communication skills training programs in my company, Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours in a unique program. When we don't know enough words, it is not possible to communicate effectively. This course actually teaches us how to improve and sustain our vocabulary. It is very practical & effective to use the words in day-to-day communication in office.

Shyam prasad17 Jun, 2021


After spending many years in corporate life I understand the value and importance of being able to articulate our thoughts clearly both while speaking and writing. Many times when I am presenting to my team or writing emails I get stuck because I don't know the right word to use. My colleague recommended this course to me. This turns out to be the best investment of time & money in my life. The way words are taught is so effective that we are automatically able to plug in these words in our conversations in office. I feel very confident to present freely and write good emails. Thanks to the instructor Santhosh!

Snigdha Gupta06 Jul, 2021


This is a fascinating course. I now know so many words which I can use in tandem during my presentations in office. Thanks MeraEnglish!!

Ramesh Anandan09 Jul, 2021


Really impactful course. Worth the money and time!

Rajan Anandan10 Jul, 2021


Neatly packaged course. Didn't realize time went by while I was doing the course. Must do for all working professionals.

Sourabh Poddar11 Jul, 2021


Naturally we all feel inadequate while making presentations at work or hosting meetings. When we dig deeper we understand that it is because of the lack of vocabulary. This course is a blessing in disguise. i learnt so much in such a short duration. And i am sure i wont forget these words. thank you

Ishita Saxena12 Jul, 2021


I went to very good schools and colleges. Consequently, I was under the impression that my English is perfect and I don't need any improvement. All that until I started learning this course. There is so much more depth to vocabulary and words than I imagined. The Instructor is undoubtedly an expert in what he does. This is the best 6-hour investment you can make in your life!

Alka Gulati13 Jul, 2021


This course smashed my ego completely! I hate to admit this but I have no other choice. I am very confident with my English usage but I didn't know I was using many words incorrectly until I completed this course. Kudos to the team at MeraEnglish for putting together such a fascinating course!

Neha Murthy14 Jul, 2021


If you are keen on improving your spoken and written English, don't look any further. You will transform as a professional in 6 hours. It is not just about the words it is the thinking behind each idea and the stickiness that makes this course stand out. If there was an option to give 6 stars, I would gladly give 6 stars!

Shantha Kumar15 Jul, 2021


This is a power-packed course. I have got many new ideas regarding different ways of presenting and writing emails in my office.

Dileep Raj16 Jul, 2021


If had known about this course at the beginning of my career I would have avoided many common errors in my work place and presented better in meetings. Better late than never. Good job meraenglish.

Mohan kumar17 Jul, 2021


Communication skill is very crucial to grow in our work life. This course is the need of the hour for working professionals like me who need the methods to improve within a short duration.

Animesh Goel18 Jul, 2021


I have learnt many new ways to write emails and present during office meetings. Very good course!

Bhagya Shiri24 Jul, 2021


Best 6 hours I have invested in learning something new!

Lawrence Moses25 Jul, 2021


Very clearly explained. The words learnt will definitely help me in improving my communication skills at work

Nagaraju26 Jul, 2021


I have been waiting for such a course for a long time. After trying many ways to improve my vocabulary and failing, this course comes a blessing in disguise for me. Powerful communication makes a huge difference in our work and this course shows us the right way!

Vishnu27 Jul, 2021


I feel very confident to present in team meetings. Each word in explained in so much depth with very implementable cases. super course!

Srinivas28 Jul, 2021


Very good concept and coverage of words. The words learnt in this course comes in very handy while presenting in office meetings and writing emails.

Joseph balaji31 Jul, 2021


Beautifully crafted course. These words can be straightaway implemented in our daily conversations in office and presentations.

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