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Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours for Home Makers

5 21 Reviews

Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours for Home Makers

  • 6 hours
  • 21 Reviews
  • 2320 Students

Course Overview

As a home maker you may not be using English regularly. Household work coupled with other responsibilities take a huge toll on your ability to stay updated in the language. A combination of lack of avenues to continuously learn the language and opportunity to use the language have a negative effect on your overall ability in the language and confidence. We have created the course 'Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours for home makers' exclusively to solve this problem.

‘Learn 1000 words in 6 hours’ is a video course that is built on a storytelling model and has been developed through many hundreds of hours of research. In this course, WE DO NOT TEACH WORDS; WE NARRATE STORIES. By listening to historical events and anecdotes coupled with quizzes and humour, you will learn over 1000 words in 6 hours with ease. In addition to this you will have enough ammunition in your arsenal to learn many t


Ability to read and understand basic English

Learning Outcomes

  • ✔ Learn to speak & write English with confidence
    ✔ Articulate your thoughts clearly 
    ✔ Eliminate the fear of English



  • Assured Certification
  • Self Paced Learning
  • Unlimited 3-week Access

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: 29 mins. 28 seconds
  • Lecture: 1
    Chapter 1
Chapter 2: 22 mins. 41 seconds
  • Lecture: 2
    Chapter 2
Chapter 3: 29 mins. 38 seconds
  • Lecture: 3
    Chapter 3
Chapter 4: 21 mins. 9 seconds
  • Lecture: 4
    Chapter 4
Chapter 5: 28 mins. 56 seconds
  • Lecture: 5
    Chapter 5
Chapter 6: 21 mins. 13 seconds
  • Lecture: 6
    Chapter 6
Chapter 7: 30 mins. 29 seconds
  • Lecture: 7
    Chapter 7
Chapter 8: 25 mins. 25 seconds
  • Lecture: 8
    Chapter 8
Chapter 9: 22 mins. 9 seconds
  • Lecture: 9
    Chapter 9
Chapter 10: 21 mins. 38 seconds
  • Lecture: 10
    Chapter 10
Chapter 11: 33 mins. 8 seconds
  • Lecture: 11
    Chapter 11
Chapter 12: 13 mins. 18 seconds
  • Lecture: 12
    Chapter 12
Chapter 13: 24 mins. 2 seconds
  • Lecture: 13
    Chapter 13
Chapter 14: 30 mins. 7 seconds
  • Lecture: 14
    Chapter 1

Santhosh Karnananda

  • 5000+ Teaching Hours
  • 13+ Years Experience
  • 1,00,000+ students trained

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Item Reviews -

Meenakshi13 Jun, 2021


Very nice course. My fear of the language is slowly going away

Archana Raguram13 Jun, 2021


This is the best online course in English I have come across. My confidence in English has drastically improved once I completed the course. I recommend all home makers to take this course.

Maya14 Jun, 2021


I wish I got this course earlier. The techniques taught in this course actually work in real life. I feel more confident nowadays while speaking. Many of my friends have started noticing the changes in the way I speak.

Seetha Krishnan15 Jun, 2021


As homemakers, we don't get opportunities to improve our language skills. The only language related activity I do is to read newspapers. This course was suggested to me by my friend. I feel very happy to have taken this course. The learning from this course is so valuable and it makes me feel young and motivated to learn more. Thank you!

Ramya Balaji16 Jun, 2021


I feel like a child again. This course has actually triggered my curiosity to learn...As home makers we usually get into a zone where we don't do / learn anything new...After many years I have learnt something so valuable. Thnks

Savithri Rajan06 Jul, 2021


Very beautifully designed course. There is so much information neatly packaged in 6 hours. I feel more confident about my English!!

Gayathri Chandran09 Jul, 2021


Really good course! Very happy that I completed the course.

Sundaravalli10 Jul, 2021


lockdown and sitting at home every day.. this is a best way to utilize our time and learning something meaningful. much appreciated

Swathi11 Jul, 2021


I learnt a lot of words and the usage for a long term. As homemakers even we need to do such courses to keep learning and growing. Thank you!

Divya Sundar12 Jul, 2021


I have always enjoyed learning and improving as a person. My sister-in-law suggested this course to me and I am thankful she did! The perspectives, techniques, and stories taught in this course are mind-blowing. Thank you!!

Easwari13 Jul, 2021


after completing college i am out of touch with new learning... the course is good & helpful

Farheen14 Jul, 2021


As home makers we are often caught with the daily grind of life. I am grateful I did this course. It is so refreshing. So much learning in such a short duration. Thanks MeraEnglish. Look forward to more from you!

Shantha Mohan15 Jul, 2021


As a home maker i was slightly under confident because I don't learn regularly and earn money. This course is very energizing and makes me know so many new things. I am also thinking of applying to jobs.

Shefali Varma16 Jul, 2021


The standard is slightly high but I kept pausing the video and watched many times. Good to learn from Meraenglish

Vaishnavi Senthil17 Jul, 2021


I am grateful to meraenglish.com for providing this excellent course. Every concept is explained in such a simple manner that it will stay in my memory for a long time

Madhavi Shankar18 Jul, 2021


Very enlightening experience. Thank you Meraenglish.com

Sudha Ravichandran24 Jul, 2021


Very refreshing learning experience! Thank you!!

Ashwini Apanna25 Jul, 2021


Didn't realize time going by while going through the course. Learnt a lot of new things

Durga Ravishankar26 Jul, 2021


wonderful going through this course. so much knowledge at an affordable price.

savithri27 Jul, 2021


thank you for this wonderful opportunity... i learnt many new words

Kameswari31 Jul, 2021


very good opportunity to learn many new words and implement the correct way in our daily conversations

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